Eish Safari Island Terms and Conditions



The Eish Safari Islands team directs their sincere thanks and appreciation to the guests and dear participants, and invites them to adhere to a set of conditions and terms that ensure that the site is empty of abuses and violations.


  •  Please do not use abusive words, whether directed to other participants or to the working group of Safari Islands, in order to preserve the loving spirit and affection among all.

  •  Avoid the abuse of the heavenly religions or religious symbols, or peoples, or governments, or public figures.

  •  Do not abuse (someone - Foundation - a social group - groups  ... etc(.

  • Prohibiting of the exchange of e-mail addresses, telephone numbers (land or mobiles), and links among the visitors.

  •  Do not promote or advertise to a particular "product - Foundation - channel - a website... etc."

  • Never register under a pseudonym as it is inappropriate or incomprehensible.

  • Prohibiting the use of vocabulary of love and infatuation.

  • Avoid rational discrimination and intolerance to a particular class or a third country or a team or group… etc



Eish Safari Islands Team