Frequently Asked Questions












What is eish safari islands?

Eish safari islands is a game world where you explore two tribes and their habitat.  You choose the tribe to which you belong, and you get to know other characters in your tribe.  Some of them will send you on scavenger hunt-like quests, some will have puzzles for you to solve.  You may offer to help some of them by playing games within the game world, where you can earn in-game currency.  You can use that currency (or buy some on your own) to rent a home in the game world, and to buy clothing and accessories to express yourself and individualize your character.  You can meet other people who are playing in the game world at the same time, and quest with them, battle them, or just sit and chat with them.


What can I buy with the in-game currency?

You can rent your own home, and you can buy furniture for it to make it feel more like your own place.  When you first register for your character, you will choose what you want your tribal mask to look like, but once you get some in-game currency, you may also purchase other clothing and accessories to further individualize your character.  Once you get a little battle experience, you may begin purchasing weapons you can use to battle opponents from the opposite tribe.  Check with your tribal battle master to begin getting experience battling (you'll need a friend to spar with).


Tell me about the quests?

Most of them are scavenger hunt-type quests where you go find objects throughout the island, and the character who sends you on the quest will give you some sort of reward for finding everything.  Some of those rewards are required for larger quests that take you all over the island.


What about these other games in the game world?

They are various logic and skill games ranging from something akin to Space Invaders to Mahjong to a Towers of Hanoi game.  Most of them award currency for winning the game, or at least for scoring among the higher scores.  Between the two tribes, there are over a dozen games for you to hone your skills and earn some in-game currency.


Tell me about battles?

There are two kinds of battles, practice and the real thing.  You practice battling in order to gain some experience, which you'll need before you can begin buying weapons.  Battle practice is done with another member of your own tribe.  Regular battles, on the other hand, are done with members of the opposite tribe.  You will also get experience in regular battles.  Your character won't ever die, but he or she can definitely lose battles.  One of the goals of the game is to make it to Chieftain, which requires that you win battles, not lose them!  So, be sure to read the battle instructions before going into battle the first time so you know all the tips and tricks for successful battles.


How do I figure out how all of this stuff works?

There is a tutorial you may go through when you first register your character.  We've designed this tutorial to show you how to move around, interact with other characters and object in the game world, and to give you a little more background on Cocolani Island.  It only takes 10 or 15 minutes, and is well worth the effort.